Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

WASHINGTON—President Biden plans to nominate University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann to serve as U.S. ambassador to Germany, turning to an ally who helped him establish a foreign-policy center after the Obama administration.

The White House announced Dr. Gutmann’s nomination Friday, making her the first U.S. ambassador pick to a Group of Seven nation. Dr. Gutmann, the daughter of a German Jewish refugee, has served as president of the Ivy League institution since 2004 and written extensively about constitutional democracy and human rights.

After serving as vice president, Mr. Biden worked with Dr. Gutmann to establish the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, which opened in 2018.

The nomination, which must be confirmed by the Senate, was introduced ahead of Mr. Biden’s White House meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is scheduled to visit Washington on July 15.

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