Mon. Dec 6th, 2021


Stunning surveillance footage captures a “hero” female cop frantically running through Times Square with the youngest victim of Saturday’s shooting in her arms.

As mayhem continues to erupt around the pair after the 4:55 p.m. bloodshed that rocked the Crossroads of the World, the determined cop tears down Broadway on foot, carrying the wounded 4-year-old child to an ambulance, the footage shows.

“Whether [officers are] rushing toward the danger to help save a little girl or rushing home to family after their tour this #MothersDay — the dedication of NY’s Finest knows no bounds,’’ NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller tweeted Sunday.

Some Twitter users hailed the female officer, who has not been publicly identified, as a “hero.”

The wounded child was one of three innocent bystanders shot during a street dispute between the illegal-CD-peddling gunman and several men, cops have said.

The tot, Skye Martinez, of Brooklyn, was struck once in the left leg as she was waiting with her family to get into a toy store. She is being treated for the non-life-threatening wound at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Screen grabs from a video of female officer running through Times Square with a wounded child in New York City.
Screen grabs from a video of a female officer running through Times Square with a wounded child in New York City.

“She’s pretty tough,’’ the child’s aunt, Danae Romero, 16, told The Post of her niece on Sunday.

Romero recalled how Skye never made a peep when she was shot.

“Even when we noticed [she was wounded] when we were at the corner, she wasn’t crying,” the aunt said.

The shooter is still in the wind.


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