Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

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Who is not eager to win a lottery or place the right bet at But sometimes people lose their winnings, and the last unfortunate situation happened on May 13.

How All This Happened

An American claims that she became the winner of a major California lottery jackpot of 26 million dollars. However, she had no proof because she had washed her winning SuperLotto Plus ticket in the washer. The American woman bought it at a shop in Norwalk, a small town in LA.

As it turned out, the woman did buy the lottery ticket, which was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Organizers of this event said that in this drawing, which was on November 14, they recorded a jackpot win. It must be redeemed within 180. However, the deadline for claiming the sum ended on May 13.

One of the employees of the shop told Californian journalists that a female came to her on May 12. She said that she had won a large jackpot but couldn’t prove it because she unconsciously sent the lucky ticket into the washing machine.

Lottery representative Kathy Johnston said that such evidence would not be enough to prove the woman’s statement. It requires “convincing substantial evidence that the ticket was actually in the person’s possession.” Nonetheless, a copy of the camera footage was provided to the organizers. As Johnston said, this claim will be looked at more precisely soon.

If there is no recognized jackpot winner, the money will be transferred to schools, SuperLotto Plus organizers said in a statement. It’s also pointed out that the company where the winner got her ticket was rewarded with $130,000 in the standard process.

As the LA Times notes, citing verified sources, it is quite rare for owners of winning tickets in the competition not to contact the representatives for receiving money prize. So this situation is quite unusual, and it will be quite exciting to find out what will happen with this winner and who will get such an enormous lottery prize.

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