Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Amna Nawaz:

Well, tomorrow will be the first day of June, which means the end of this unusual school year is also near.

But educators are already looking ahead to next fall. Many districts are planning to bring students back in the building full-time, with limited use of virtual learning. That includes many cities, counties and entire states like New Jersey. We talked to the governor there about that last week.

But there are also districts that feel virtual learning is a good option to keep this fall for some kids.

Flora Reichanadter is the superintendent of schools at the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township in Indianapolis. It serves about 11,000 students, and it plans to keep distance learning as an option.

I spoke with her about that last week.

Superintendent Reichanadter, welcome to the “NewsHour,” and thank you for making the time.

So, while so much of the conversation around country is how to get all schools back open, how to get all kids back into classrooms in person, full-time, you know distance learning is going to be a part of your students’ future, at least this fall.

Why? Why did you make that decision?

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